This is another place where links to Chapters 1-12 and the Introduction reside. I am finding it best to provide both the reader and myself with some alternatives as I move along with this project. As it has developed, this page seems to be useful for listing each of the “pages” as I add them.

Introduction | Seeking Beauty from Afar

Introduction (Part 1) Stumbling upon an open secret

Introduction (Part 2) Jurassic Park, it’s not …

Introduction (Part 3) A Nose Job in Iran?

Introduction (Part 4) It’s so … Foreign

Introduction (Part 5) Competition for the United States

Chapter 1 | Medical Tourism: Here, There and Everywhere Part 1

60 Minutes and Medical Tourism … Part 2

Vignettes … Didi, Fabio … Part 3

Patients Going Abroad: A Burgeoning Industry … Part 4

U.S. Healthcare and Spiraling Costs … Part 5

Dear Dr. Rubinstein … Part 6

100,000 Fellow Travelers — or More … Part 7

Tip of the Iceberg — and a Trend … Part 8

Medical Tourism: A Moving Target Part 9 (End of Chapter 1)

Chapter 2 | Comparing Quality, Comparing Costs … Part 1

News Gets AroundPart 2

A Warning Lives on,  Mostly Unheeded … Part 3

Sticks and StonesPart 4

American Doctors Speak OutPart 5

Point, CounterpointPart 6

The Best of Both WorldsPart 7

If You Can’t Beat ThemPart 8

Prices in the United States vs. AbroadPart 9

Chapter 3 | A Brief and Selective History of Medical Tourism Part 1

The Pioneers of Medical TravelPart 2

Build It and They Will Come … Part 3

Origins of Term Medical Tourism (cont.)Part 4

The Media ImprimaturPart 5

Chapter 4 | You’re Going Abroad for…What!? … Part 1

Cosmetic Surgeries and ProceduresPart 2

Eyelids, Foreheads, Noses and PeelsPart 3

Breasts, Arms and TummiesPart 4

Body Lifts and ButtsPart 5

Hair Implants, Otoplasty, Bariatric, Dental WorkPart 6

What Else is Out There? Non-Cosmetic Procedures; Conclusion Part 7

Chapter 5 | Research, Research … and More Research … Part 1

Medical Travel and Cosmetic Surgery: Top ResourcesPart 2

Patient Support Sites for Medical TourismPart 3

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